Hong Kong


::Hong Kong : Fuck You: 07.07.2018 – 08.07.2018
Mathias Woo Ink Pop Up Installation
mother tongue arts series

Start with the Cantonese word “𨳒” Fuck ; explore the visual nature of Mother Tongue  and how do a Cantonese Hong Kong born like myself using the word Fuck and You create a pop up ink installation that is not just offensive ; if u don’t know “𨳒” means fuck ; what do u see? How do u feel? Is Chinese character some kind emoji? Is emoji Chinese? 



::Hong Kong : Urban Scan: 21.07.2018 – 12.08.2018

Programme heads: Tobias Klein & Kyle Chung

The 5th iteration of Post-Industrial Landscapes continued the explorations into the surrounding ubiquitous digital realm and its potential for new architectural and narrative grounds

This year, the focus is on the artifice of Hong Kong as an ever-changing cultural landscape. Ranging from its concrete reinforced mountain slopes, reclaimed grounds, subdivided flats, non-restricted import of any goods and 0 percent VAT, no wonder Hong Kong has emerged as the largest art market in Asia and the third largest in the world. A massive demand of and the supply through a relatively young art scene has given rise to the fluid power structure in cultural best practices. The consequence is a change of the cultural and physical landscape in Hong Kong with recent developments of West Kowloon Cultural District and mega-art fairs such as Hong Kong Art Basel.

The question is whether architecture can adapt to such a fluid new model? Traditionally, in urbanism terms, Hong Kong serves as an exception not model - never been able to be adapted by another planned city. In cultural terms, Hong Kong is often undervalued if not belittled for its monetary dominance. Yet beneath the surface, what is the relationship between a space and its artificiality- its cultural production? Through combining intensive exploration of the city with visits of major summer exhibitions in for-profit galleries as well as non-profit art spaces in Hong Kong, the programme will create a model space of Hong Kong that is not based on classical architectural understanding, yet through curating the city, articulating strategies of scenography and cultural identities in flux.

The city will be scanned and constructed in conversation with its artist, exhibitors and architects.

Architectural Association Visiting School (AAVS) Hong Kong provides an opportunity to redefine architecture as art/exhibition-making processes with curatorial strategies.



::Hong Kong : Wood Block: 28.08.2018 – 07.10.2018
Solo Exhibition of the Work by Zhao Zhao
Curated by Charles Merewether

This exhibition by Zhao Zhao consists of dozens of large disused woodblocks that the artist salvaged from an Italian furniture manufacturer in Shanghai. The factory had been famous for making imported furniture and was closing. The woodblocks formed the ‘negatives’ of luxury furniture for those who could afford it in China. Recovered from their abandonment, Zhao Zhao had them sanded and polished. Having been subservient to the furniture, the blocks now assume their own identity, symbolizing both a moment in the industrial past and a strange sculptural object of the present.

The work continues a central gesture in Zhao Zhao’s work: retrieving objects, shedding them of their function or original value and transforming them. Zhao Zhao’s work stands as testament to a country where so much of its cultural history is being destroyed and recycled. He seems almost to participate in this, but gives the past another and renewed life. History is seen and valued again; origins remain embedded in the material used - but more than that, they circulate through the international channels of art and symbolize not the China of destruction and the wasting of the past but a Chinese culture of renewal and vitality that draws inspiration from its past. This is history becoming a work of art.