Wonderland features three Hong Kong female artists, each expresses the artist's world of imagination and sensation with unique styles and techniques. From oil paintings, micro sculptures, to mixed media installation, Wonderland invites audiences to enter the poetic and imaginary world of Joe Lui, Clementine Chan, and Seeman Ho.

Starting from a single fish bone as point of creation, Joe Lui spins off her creativities into a series of micro sculptures that interweaves structural beauty with sensibilities. Each art piece embodies a balance of simplicity and sophistication that tells the story of the artist's imaginations.

The mixture of colour, emotions, and fairy-tales quality marks the signature of Clementine Chan's painting style. Her works are often dreamy, mysterious, filled with solitude and abstract feelings that take audiences through the journeys of meditation and imagination.

Seemon Ho is a local artists well-known for her extra-ordinary use of vibrant colours, unique illustration and fairy-tale like composition styles. Eat with a Vacuum is a mixed media installation that tells the story of poetry like of Alice-in-Wonderland's imagination.

Wonderland runs from July 31, 2008 íV Aug 20 at Osage Soho.