Signal to Noise

19.09.2010 (Sun) 4pm / 7pm

Signal to Noise is about exploring methods and strategies of improvisation. The music is grounded in jazz improvisation, blending concepts and principles from both Western and Eastern contemporary classical music. While Signal to Noise is composed of four very unique and accomplished improvisers their highest ideal is ensemble, playing together.

A significant element of Signal to Noise¡¦s philosophy is best summarized by Mr. Anthony Braxton from a 1993 interview: "I want, that which happens when music happens, to happen. It's not about me being the total energy that completes the process of the "ising" of the music."


  • Joe Rosenberg (Soprano Saxophonist / Bass Clarinetist / Compser)

  • Soo ¡V Jung Kae (Pianist / Composer / Improvisor)

  • Edward Perraud (Drummer)

  • Peter Scherr (Double Bassist / Composer)

Tickets are at $150 (standard) and $120 (concession) for the event, ticket includes one drink. For bookings and enquiries please contact Nancy Chua at 2537 0688 or email to