An Unexpected Turn of Events

10.09.2010 V 15.10.2010

Opening reception: 09.09.2010, 5:00pm to 9:00pm

Artists: CHEN Shaoxiong | Tsuyoshi OZAWA

Osage Shanghai presents An Unexpected Turn of Events, the first exhibition at our new location in the heart of the French Concession district, showing the works of artists Chen Shaoxiong and Tsuyoshi Ozawa. Though the two artists originate from different countries and cultural backgrounds, it is apparent that their oeuvres bear strong parallels whilst retaining the artists' individual styles. Based on a long term dialogue over the past few years, Chen and Ozawa have collaborated and produced many significant projects that are often unpredictable in nature.

This exhibition traces the development of the two mid-career artists and by showing selected artworks from the past two decades, Osage Shanghai hopes to expose the convergences and subtleties behind their individual and collaborative pieces. From their first collaboration, Guangzhou Tokyo at the Second Guangzhou Triennial in 2005, to a new commission which involves the firing of bricks that are embedded with hidden objects, what binds these artists together is how they use their own transience as a subject matter for social investigation. Whilst Ozawas Nasubi Galleries create temporary galleries in Tokyo to challenge the traditional gallery system, Chens streetscape photography juxtaposes different cityscapes to expose the need for physical conformity of different metropolises. Interested in exploring different modes of cultural production, Chen and Ozawa express a contingent quality that speaks of human fate and makes their art vital and timely.

The exhibition opening reception will be held on Thursday, 9 September 2010 from 5pm to 9pm