Find. Move. Play.

A contemporary dance/ new media performance

03.07.2010 (Sat)  4pm / 6pm

'Find. Move. Play' is the world premiere of a contemporary dance - new media performance that features three leading contemporary dancers (Joey Chua, Singapore/ Hong Kong ; Marie Chabert, France; and Csilla Nagy, Hungary) and a new media artist from Australia (Rhys Turner).

"In a low lit moody installation/ performance space a viewer moves through an interactive performance wearing wireless headphones. They mingle with performers through the space finding wireless audio hot spots for each performer. The audio tells stories and a narrative unfolds revealing a hidden background of each performer."


  • This work is an investigation into new narrative forms and movement/ performance and presence from the perspective of both a dynamic audience and performer
  • For the people not in the space a spectacle unfolds which is silent for them and immersive for the participant
  • This creates an entirely different level of viewer/performer relations and offers great potential for exploration of many themes
  • This work is specially created for Osage Soho and makes innovative use of the gallery space


  • Joey Chua Poh Yi  (Dancer, Singapore/Hong Kong)
  • Csilla Nagy  (Dancer, Hungary)
  • Marie Chabert (Dancer, France)
  • Rhys Turner (Artist, Australia)

Tickets are at $120 (standard) and $80 (concession) for the event.

For bookings and enquiries please contact Nancy Chua at 2537 0688 or email to