Li Xinping: A Symbolic Logic
20.03.2010 ¡V 02.05.2010
Opening Reception: 19.03.2010, 6:00pm to 8:00pm

age Gallery Shanghai is proud to present Li Xinping: A Symbolic Logic from 20 March to 2 May 2010.

Symbolic Logic deploys symbols to formulate concepts and propositions as well as the logical relations between these propositions, also known as mathematical logic. This exhibition presents a selection of Li Xinping¡¦s works from 2001 to 2009 in an attempt to offer a clear overview to the densely combined symbols of these works¡¦ inner logic and their evolution system. In his work, Li fuses Western modernism with traditional oriental taste, transposing real landscapes using techniques from Western Romanticism. He narrates the logic and essences of things with his unique painterly language.

These works of art also represent a cyclical development of the combination of symbols: from figurative representation to abstract patterns then again return to figurative with celestial and mythical qualities. The symbolism is eclectic in terms of art historical references - cubism, symbolism and fauvism. The pervasive eclecticism in Li¡¦s works also helps to create and perpetuate their symbol systems and visual patterns.

Li¡¦s works betray visual sensibilities to the lyrical and the theatrical, with their themes centered upon such romanticist motifs such as music, theatre and man¡¦s relationship with the universe. His 2001 series Street Scene are reminiscent of Duolun Road in Shanghai, where a lot of modern heritage buildings have been preserved. Li seeks to identify and represent the narratives and exotic appeal hidden in these scenes, indulging in the use of romantic color in the painting process.

Li Xinping completed his postgraduate course at the Department of Oil Painting of Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 1986, before pursuing further studies at St Petersburg Art Academy. A solid training in Western art combined with early exposure to traditional Chinese culture has allowed Li a deep understanding of the characteristics of Chinese and Western Arts and their fundamental differences. This in turn enables him to expertly capture the essence of eastern culture by means of western art techniques.

Interviews with the artist are available on request.