Soundscapes After Dark
15.12.2009 (Tuesday), 8:00pm

Experimental music by the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble (HKNME) and acclaimed electronic musician/audio-visual artist S.T.

Osage Soho transforms into a platform for experimental and electronic music in the heart of downtown Hong Kong on Tuesday night, 15 December. Enjoy a bottle of beer and relax to the sounds of Choi Sai Ho (a.k.a. S.T.) who has been voted as one of Hong Kongˇ¦s Top 20 Musician by TimeOut Hong Kong in 2008 and the cutting-edge Hong Kong New Music Ensemble.

Program comprises Hong Kong premiere performances of works by Southeast Asian and Hong Kong composers, including Joyce Tang (Hong Kong), Chung Shih Hoh (Singapore) and Jonas Beas (Philippines).

Performance by Hong Kong New Music Ensemble
Premiere Performance of Compositions by
Chung Shih Hoh (Singapore), Frissions (viola and electronics);
Jonas Beas (Philippines), PatangisBuwaya (four players);
Joyce Tang (Hong Kong), Electronic Work;
and others

Tickets are at $120 (standard) and $80 (concession) and include one drink. Bookings and enquiries can be made in person at Osage Soho, 45 Caine Road, L/G Shop 1, Corner Old Bailey St., Soho, Central, or email to