Some Rooms
Osage Kwun Tong, Hong Kong ˇV 27 February to 24 May 2009
Osage Shanghai ˇV 7 March to 24 May 2009

Osage Gallery is pleased to present Some Rooms, the second in an annual series of exhibitions that explore collaboration and curatorial process. This year, the exhibition will take place across two venues, Osage Kwun Tong in Hong Kong and Osage Shanghai. Some Rooms privileges and draws attention to the process of dialogue and exchange that occurs through curatorial collaboration in the development of an artist's practice. It is an exhibition that is both, curated and not-curated, thereby examining the role of curatorship and curatorial processes. The artists have been selected for their dynamic and engaging practices, but have at the same time, not been given any curatorial brief or direction. Instead each artist has been paired with a curator, whom they have never collaborated with in any extensive way prior to this. The projects that the artists will produce for the exhibition, therefore, take as their starting point, the artistsˇ¦ own practice and concerns, instead of any imposed curatorial brief. And even though Some Rooms is a group exhibition, each artistˇ¦s project is presented as a solo project, not constricted or subsumed by any wider curatorial intent. This year, the exhibition will feature fourteen of the most exciting artists from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, working with diverse styles and mediums. These fourteen artists will collaborate individually with one of six curators, also based in the region. In this way, the exhibition becomes a platform for the artists to extend their practice, or to explore a new direction in their work, in collaboration with the curator they are working with. Some Rooms will not only introduce the work of these emerging artists but also demonstrate the potential and possibilities that can emerge from meaningful curatorial dialogue and collaboration, when the starting point taken are those of the artistsˇ¦ individual practices.

The opening reception will take place at Osage Kwun Tong on 27 February 2009 from 6pm.

Panel discussion The Curator as Collaborator will be held at Osage Kwun Tong on 28 February 2009 from 3pm.