:: Make _ art Not War [T/F] : 11.07.2020 – 26.07.2020 Works by MFA graduates 2020 CUHK Opening: 10.07.2020, 6.00 – 8.00 pm

Osage Art Foundation is pleased to support the venue for 4 MFA graduates of 2020 from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in a group exhibition.

The artists are:
Iv Tsz Man Chan
Chang Yue Lam
Fung Hoi Shan
Wong Sze Wai

“Make _ art Not War [T/F]” explore themes ranging from the problematic body, post-industrial society, human-animal relationships and the memory space, offering multiple layers of perspectives and possibilities of artistic creation.

Enquiries: Wong Sze Wai | Email :  cuhkmfa2020@gmail.com




::Osage Gallery is temporarily closed in preparation for our next exhibition.




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