Osage:: Present Passing: South by Southeast : 24.03.2019 – 15.06.2019 : Osage Gallery
Curated by Patrick D. Flores & Natasha Becker

Opening Reception: 23.03.2019,  6.00 – 8.00 pm 
Curators-led Tour: 23.03.2019, 5.00 – 6.00 pm

Present Passing: South by Southeast” presented by Osage Art Foundation, curated by Patrick D. Flores (Philippines) and Natasha Becker (USA), will bring together 16 artists in total – 5 from South Africa, 2 from the Caribbean, 7 from Asia/Southeast Asia and 2 from Hong Kong.

“South by Southeast” is a part of Osage Art Foundation's "Regional Perspectives" platform that puts the production of art in Asia into a critical perspective in relation to other geographies; and “Present Passing” is an iteration of the “South by Southeast” framework that seeks to expand and deepen the imagination of Southeast Asia. It releases this region from commonplace assumptions about its scope and unburdens it from the legacies of the colonial theater and Cold War geopolitics. It thus offers coordinates through equivalent articulations of the Southeast elsewhere.

The first exhibition of “South by Southeast” in 2015-2016 in Hong Kong and Guangzhou brought together Southeast Asia and Southeast Europe, dwelling mainly on the formation of subjectivity through image, memory, and material condition. As its next iteration, this exhibition sets its sights on the ties between Southeast Asia; the Caribbean, which is southeast of the hegemonic North American mainland; and South Africa, which links to Southeast Asia and the Caribbean through seafarers.  This South by Southeast option leads us to revisit how we reflect on the place of region in the contemporary. It does not only broaden the sympathies of Southeast Asia, which is the main node of this network; it gestures towards a theory of the global, the worldly, the hemispheric through not only the south but through the southeast: not the center twice, the better for it to slide across the scales and registers of the geopoetic spheres of exciting mingling.The show features sixteen artists whose work, spanning photography, sculpture, video, installation, painting and performance, investigates the nuances of this intersubjective space.


Participating Artists:
Buhlebezwe Siwani (South Africa)
Bundith Phunsombatlert (Thailand  / USA)
ByungJun Kwon (South Korea)
Chris Chong Chan Fui (Malaysia)
Curtis Talwst Santiago (Trinidad / Canada)
Kanitha Tith (Cambodia)
Kelly Sinnapah Mary (Guadeloupe)
Kiyoko Sakata (Japan)
Leung Mee Ping (Hong Kong)
Lhola Amira  (South Africa)
Rory Emmett (South Africa)
Samak Kosem (Thailand)
Sarah Lai (Hong Kong)
Sharlene Khan (South Africa)
Thania Petersen (South Africa)
Zeus Bascon (Philippines)

Venue: Osage Hong Kong, 4/F, 20 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 
Mon – Sat: 10.30 am – 6.30 pm
Sun: 2.30 – 6.30 pm
Closed on public holidays

Supported by ZOTAC Technology Limited

Enquiries & RSVP: 
Belle Leung (Osage Hong Kong) 
+852  2389 8332| belleleung@oaf.cc



:: HKACT! Act 1 BeHere: 01.12.2018 - 31.05.2019 :: 10 locations in Wan Chai Augmented Reality Public Art Project by Masaki Fujihata

Presented by Tourism Commission
Organised by Hong Kong Design Centre
Commissioned by Design District Hong Kong (#ddHK)
Produced by Osage Art Foundation

Preview with docent-led tours: 01.12.2018 – 09.12.2018; Everyday at 10:30, 14:30, 16:00, 16:30 & 17:00
Project Period: 01.12.2018 – 30.04.2019 

“HKACT! Act 1 BeHere” focused on individual people’s snapshots and images of daily life in Hong Kong from 1940s to 1970s. Actors were then invited to act out perceived scenes and shot by photogrammetry with 70 cameras in 360 degrees to create 3D figures. These figures are then augmented onto 10 public spaces in Wan Chai.

“BeHere” is a platform that encourages the audience to explore their own experience. They are free to interact with the 3D figures in virtual space, to re-composite the scene between the two realities with their own imagination, and to include their family and friends into the frame.

Fujihata says, “‘BeHere’ is a virtual lens to bring people from the past back into the present. For all societies, it is very important for each generation to inherit their own history. History emerges from accumulated and shared personal experiences. We see heritage as an object from the past, but the present will be our heritage in the future. ‘BeHere’ becomes a platform to retrieve memories of the past and places them in the present, allowing visitors of all ages to create moments together as an archive for the future.”

BOOK YOUR TOUR NOW!! Available during 1 – 9 Dec. Places are limited. Please contact belleleung@oaf.cc (852) 2389 8332.
More information: www.hkact.hk/behere




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