Osage: Listening Room 9

Date: 31.7.2021
Sat Time: 14:00 – 17:30
Venue: Osage, 4F, 20 Hing Yip St, Kwun Tong

Reaching out to HKNME musicians to broaden the Ensemble’s musical scope has always been a defining element of Hong Kong New Music Ensemble’s programming strategy. With HKNME current season’s vision of OUT:reach, the HKNME offers its young musicians carte blanche in curating a themed recital.

Paths / Remembrance is the first fruits of this initiative, spearheaded by trumpeter Edwin Wong and pianist Shelley Ng, musicians under the HKNME Emerging Artist Scheme, supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

Curated by trumpeter Edwin Wong, Paths is a showcase of the trumpet's versatility, through solo and chamber works written throughout the ages. Includes the world premiere of two new works by Hong Kong composers Justin Wong & Kenneth Tam.

Remembrance explores the fine line between life and death, capturing moments of blossoming and withering. Featuring pianist Shelley Ng, the recital showcases solo and chamber works by Takemitsu, Knussen, and Smetena, among others.

This programme — The Listening Room 9 — is co-presented by the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, Osage Gallery and Sigma Art Projects.

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Co-organized by
Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, Osage Gallery and Sigma Art Projects

Supported by
Hong Kong Arts Development Counci

Piano sponsored by
Tom Lee Music

Beer sponsored by
San Miguel



Osage:: I’m Always Here : 25.07.2021 – 22.08.2021 Curated by Rodrigo Guzman-Serrano

Opening Reception on 24.07.2021 (Limited Capacity)

Public Guided Tour Registration (link

I am always here, in this body, in this place. The meaning of the word here is, without doubt, never fixed, but it is always referential. Here always refers to me, the speaker, the body that enunciates it. And here is always certain: there is always a here. I’M ALWAYS HERE addresses the meaning, language, and condition of being in here through artworks that explore space as both an individual and collective concept as well as embodied, physical, and virtual.

In the exhibition, the idea of being in here is divided into three levels: body, site, and location. The three levels grow outwards like waves that build and expand on each other. The body is the first space we occupy, our flesh and bones together with our mind. Site refers to our immediate surroundings: a room perhaps, or a virtual environment, which could be anywhere and anytime. Finally, location relates more specifically to our “global place” in relationship to others. Like concentric circles, these concepts intermingle and flow into and out of each other.

Presented by
Osage Art Foundation

Supported by
School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong

Beer sponsored by
San Miguel

Curatorial Advisor
Charles Merewether

Participating Artists
Ryo Ikeshiro
PerMagnus Lindborg
Chi Wong




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