Chen Wenling was born in 1969 in Fujian, China. He is a graduate of both the Xiamen Academy of Art and Design and the Sculpture Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China. He has had a number of solo exhibitions including “Chen Wenling’s Contemporary Sculpture Solo Exhibition” (Vanessa Art House, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2007), “Chen Wenling’s Sculpture Solo Exhibition” (Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China, 2006), “Red Memory: Chen Wenling Sculpture Exhibition” (Singapore, 2006), “Beneath Above” (BANG-Beijing Art Now Gallery, Beijing, China, 2006) and Happy Life” (Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen, China, 2004). Recent group exhibitions include “Hyper Design” (Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai, China, 2006), “Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition” (Robischon Gallery, Denver, USA, 2006), “Humanistic Shan-shui; An Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture Art” (Huizhou, China, 2006), “The Road to Open: The 2nd Art Festival Invitation Exhibition For Public Sculpture in Song Zhuang” (Beijing, China, 2006), “New Folk Movement: The Reconstruct of the Commonality Living” (Song Zhuang, Beijing, China, 2006), “Beyond Experience-New China” (Arario Gallery, Beijing, China, 2006), “In the Name of Material” (HSS Art Centre Shanghai, China, 2006), “Made in China” (Padova, Italy, 2006), and “Chinese Art Today” (National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China, 2006).