Wu Mingzhong was born in 1963 in Hebei Province , China and studied at the Liebin Academy of Fine Arts in Russia and Buffalo State College in USA. He is currently Associate Professor and Director of the Oil Painting Research Office, College of Fine Arts, Capital Normal University, Beijing, China. He has had two major solo exhibitions “Chinese Reporting: Wu Mingzhong Works Exhibition” (New York, 2006) and “Wu Mingzhong Painting Exhibition: Visiting Scholar of Liebin Academy of Fine Arts” (Beijing, China, 2004). He has participated in numerous group exhibitions including “Re-Excavate the Contemporary Realism” (Beijing, China, 2006), “China International Gallery Exposition” (Beijing, China, 2006), “Mao: Contemporary Vision” (Paris, France, 2006), “Chinese Young Artist Fine Works Exhibition; The Second Beijing International Art Biennale” (Beijing, China, 2005), “Grounding Reality: New Chinese Contemporary Art” (Seoul, Korea, 2005), “Beijing Art Document Exhibition” (Beijing, China, 2005), “So Beautiful Landscape” (Beijing, China, 2005), “The Show of Together and Different” (Beijing, China, 2005), “1960-1970 Artists Exhibition” (Beijing, China, 2004), “Embracing the New Century: The Third China National Exhibition of Oil Paintings”, (Beijing, China, 2003) and “The Show of Chinese Art Today” (Beijing, China, 2003).