Zhang Xiaotao was born in 1970 in Hechuan, Sichuan Province, China. He is a graduate of the Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and teaches at the Southwest Jiaotong University. He has a number of solo exhibitions including “Beautiful Imbroglio” (He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, China, 2006), “Dreamscapes” (Foundation 3.14 Bergen, Norway, 2005), “Dream Factory - Rubbish Heap” (Tokyo Gallery, Japan, 2005), “Dreamscapes” (M.K. Ciurlionis National Museum of Art Kaunas, Lithuania, 2005), “Dream Factory - Rubbish Heap” (Beijing Tokyo Art Project, Beijing, China, 2004), “Materialistic Decay” (Gallery Akie Aricchi Art Contemporary, Paris, 2003), “Desire” (Kunst Akademie Muenster , Germany, 2002), “Flowers in the dream” (Tokyo Gallery, Japan, 2001), “Enlarged Prop” (Xindong Cheng’s Studio for International Contemporary Art, Beijing, 2001), “Happy Hours” (Gallery Akie Aricchi Art Contemporary, Paris, France, 2000), “Factitious Images” (Auckland, NZ, 2000) and “Happy Hours” (Hartmann Gallerie, Munich, Germany, 2000). He has also exhibited in a variety of group exhibitions including “Varied Images” (Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China, 2006), “Skin of City” (Shenzhen Art Museum, China, 2006), “2nd Prague Biennial” (Prague National Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic 2005) and “2nd Biennial Exhibition of Chengdu” (Modern Art Museum of Chengdu, China, 2005).