1950Born in Liaoning Province, China
1984Studied in the Fine Art Department of the PLA Academy of Arts, Beijing, China
1998Graduated from the Oil Painting Department in Repin Academy of Fine Arts, Russia with MFA
Currently works as a professor and tutor for Master in the Oil Painting Department, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University
Member of the Chinese Artists Association
Member of the Russian Artists Association
2006Been awarded the "Art Accomplishment Medal" by the Russian Artists Association

Selected Works and Exhibitions

2006"Witness at Hunjiang", 'SUSI' Key to Chinese Art Today, National Museum of the Philiphines, Manila
"Came from Repin Academy of Fine Arts", Original Gallery, Beijing, China
"Thousands of Army Gathering in Daqing", Chuan Ye Memorial in Daqsing Oil Field, Heilongjiang, China
2005"General Yang Jingyu sacrificed for his motherland", Yang Jingyu Memorial, Henan China
"The Eighth Route Army Get Across Eastwardly the Yellow River" (cooperated with Wang Junrui), Memorial Museum of the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War, Beijing, China
"Wuhan Air Combat" (cooperated with Wang Junrui)
"Strike Yangming Bao Airport at night", Eighth Route Army Headquarter Memorial, Shanxi, China
"Eighth Route Army and New Fourth Army Assemble in Subei" (cooperated with Wang Junrui)
"Witness at Hunjiang", Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2004"Yihe Righteous Army joins Qing Army to attack Lao Long Tou Railway Station,
Tianjin History Museum, Tianjin, China
"Autumn in Chang Bai Mountain", Beijing Xijiao Airport VIP Lounge, Beijing, China
2001Created "Witness at Hunjiang" in memory of the 70th Anniversary of the September 18th Incident
1999Took part in the first stage creation of Panoramic Oil Painting "Yun-Cheng Battle"
Held solo exhibition in LuXun Academy of Fine Arts
Created the Oil Painting "Bei Da Ying Battle" and "Celebrate North-east Area Return to Motherland" for the September 18th Museum
1998Took part in Russian International Arts Festival and held solo exhibition in St. Petersburg
1995Took part in the first stage creation of Panoramic Oil Painting "Red Cliff Battle"
1994Created Oil Painting "Wang Qing" and participated in the Seventh National Exhibition of Fine Arts
1993Completed the Panoramic Painting "Battle near the Qing Jiang River" and won the third Literature and Art Award of the People's Liberation Army of China
1989Completed the Panoramic Painting "Conquer Jinzhou " and won the first prize for MOC Scientific and Technological Advancement
1988Created the Oil Painting "the Sound of Footstep" and was selected the First Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition